Das åländische Jagd- und Fischereimuseum - Guide

Adresse: Ålands Jakg & Fiskemuseum, 22270 Eckerö Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Ålands Jakg & Fiskemuseum, 22270 Eckerö

Guide in dem åländische Jagd- und Fischereimuseum

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Eckerö Camping, motorhomes and caravans

Entfernung: 6,6 km
Motorhomes and caravans

Bastö Hotell

Entfernung: 20,8 km
Bastö Hotell & Stugby is located in the middle of the beautiful Åland Islands. It is surrounded by warm sea gulfs, bathing coves and smooth red cliffs.
 Bastö Hotell & Stugby is near all the tourist attractions on the island, and there's a swimming beach only 100m away. The distance from the ferry terminal and airport to Bastö is 28 km. Individuals or groups, old or young, this is a place you cannot m
Bed & Breakfast

Djurviks Guesthouse

Entfernung: 19,4 km
On Ålands southwest tip, next to the open see You find Djurviks Guesthouse. Beautiful surroundings with swans and wild ducks swimming in the bay. Pike hiding in the reeds. On the shore there is a sauna and a place were You can grill. Welcome!