Jurmo sjöbodsmuseum

Adresse: Jurmo, 22950 Jurmo Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Jurmo, 22950 Jurmo

Jurmo sjöbodsmuseum består av en intressant samling gamla bruksföremål som förr behövdes för att klara sig året runt på ett skärgårdshemman.

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Long Island in Kumlinge

Entfernung: 30,6 km
Imagine to settle down on your own island and enjoy a Long Island Iced Tea... this is possible in the Åland archipelago, the name of the island is in English Long Island. The cottage is 70 sqm.

Granbergs cottages Brändö

Entfernung: 7,7 km
On the small island Åva situated in the utmost northeastern municipality of Åland, Brändö, you will find us and our cottages. The location is secluded with the sea and a beautiful archipelago in the immediate vicinity.
Bed & Breakfast

Glada Laxen

Entfernung: 30,7 km
A restaurant and an inn, housed in the former sea rescue station in Kumlinge in the middle of the unique Åland Archipelago at the small island Bärö. Restaurant and guest rooms are open April-October. Fishing packages are available April-June and August-October.