Kumlinge Apotek

Adresse: Fälberg, 22820 Kumlinge Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Fälberg, 22820 Kumlinge

Nya Apoteket har ett filialapotek på Kumlinge.

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Pellas Gästhem apartments

Entfernung: 13,8 km
Tiina & family welcome you to Pellas Gästhem in the island Lappo in the norhtern Åland archipelago. Enjoy the silence in a genuine environment.
Bed & Breakfast

Glada Laxen

Entfernung: 5,4 km
A restaurant and an inn, housed in the former sea rescue station in Kumlinge in the middle of the unique Åland Archipelago at the small island Bärö. Restaurant and guest rooms are open April-October. Fishing packages are available April-June and August-October.

Gullvivan Hotel & Restaurant

Entfernung: 24,7 km
Hotell & Restaurang Gullvivan is located on its own small plot, yet close to the road network in the Åland Northeast Archipelago municipality Brändö.