Kumlinge Apotek

Adresse: Fälberg, 22820 Kumlinge Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Fälberg, 22820 Kumlinge

Nya Apoteket har ett filialapotek på Kumlinge.

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Bed & Breakfast

Glada Laxen

Entfernung: 5,4 km
A restaurant and an inn, housed in the former sea rescue station in Kumlinge in the middle of the unique Åland Archipelago at the small island Bärö. Restaurant and guest rooms are open April-October. Fishing packages are available April-June and August-October.

Sandösund Resort: Hermit Cottage on island Gyllenklobb

Entfernung: 21,2 km
Sandösund offers comfortable accomodation all year around in a wonderful enviroment close to the sea. The area is of great natural beauty and there is also a bathing beach. Sandösund is located at Vårdö, on the eastern part of Åland.

Long Island in Kumlinge

Entfernung: 5,5 km
Imagine to settle down on your own island and enjoy a Long Island Iced Tea... this is possible in the Åland archipelago, the name of the island is in English Long Island. The cottage is 70 sqm.