Christmas buffet in the archipelago

Address: Glada Laxen, Bärö, 22830 Enklinge Show map

Address: Glada Laxen, Bärö, 22830 Enklinge

Glada Laxen welcomes you to a christmas dinner in the northern archipelago of Åland, on the small island Bärö. The buffet is served 2016 December 8, 9, 10 & 11.

To reach Bärö you use the ferries from Åboland (Gustavs/Kustavi) or Åland (Hummelvik), the closest harbors to Bärö are Enklinge and Kumlinge.

Timetables on

Skärgårdsfärjan, Ålandstrafiken
Hummelvik - Enklinge, 1 h
8.12. at 12.00 or 18.15
9.12. at 12.00 or 18.15
10.12. at 11.10 or 17.15
11.12. at 11.10 or 16.30

Enklinge - Hummelvik, 1 h
8.12. at 16.40 or 21.40
9.12. at 14.55, 16.40 or 21.40
10.12. at 15.40 or 20.55
11.12. at 14.55 or 20.55

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  • Phone number (booking)
    358 400721221
  • Phone number
    358 400721221

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