Grannas äppel

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Address: Västanträsk

As you approach northern Finström, something happens to the landscape. On both sides of the road towards Geta there are rows upon rows of apple trees in large billowing fields.

In the early part of the summer the trees are white with apple blossom; in the late summer they are red with fruit; and in the late autumn they are dazzling with autumn leaves against the grey light.

About five million kilograms of apples were produced in Finland in 2012. Three million of them – or 62% – came from Åland. A total of 270 hectares are cultivated by 44 apple producers. Most Ålander apples are sold on the Finnish market.

The climate, especially in Finström, Geta and Vårdö, favours the cultivation of apples – the springs come late and there is less risk of frost when the trees come into flower, the summers are sunny and the autumns are long and warm.

Jan Mattsson of Finström Vestanträsk grew up on a farm that cultivated apples and had been a family farm since the 1700s. He has 80,000 apple trees on 33 hectares of land.

“Apples have been cultivated at Grannas since the early 60s. In 2000 we started cultivating new varieties and using modern cultivation systems – the cultivation of apples has increased rapidly since then. We started manufacturing juice in 2007,” says Jan.

About five million kilograms of apples were produced in Finland in 2012. Three million of them – or 62% – came from Åland.

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