Eckerö Golf

Address: Kyrkoby, 22270 Eckerö Show map

Address: Kyrkoby, 22270 Eckerö

Eckerö Golf is situated only 10 minutes by car from the ferry harbour in Berghamn and 30 minutes from Mariehamn.

Eckerö is surrounded by the sea on all sides – this is where three horizons meet! It has both stunning sandy beaches and smooth red granite rocks. If you want to watch the sun go down over the sea, you’re in the right place. Eckerö has the most sunshine hours in the whole of Åland and Åland has more sunshine hours than Gotland.

You can trace the history of the Viking voyages, the Postrodden sailing and rowing race commemorating the risky postal service over the Sea of Åland when Eckerö was at the frontier between Tsarist Russia and the Swedish mainland.

Around the golf course there is a whole range of restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, camping sites, cafés, holiday villages and overnight cabins. This summer will also see the opening of Smart Park family park next door to the golf course.

Eckerö Golf opened for business in 1995 with a 9-hole golf course and driving range. In 2004 the 18-hole golf course was opened.

The course has been improved ahead of the 2015 season and Eckerö Golf’s refurbished 18 holes, new bunkers and water hazards now provide really excellent golfing opportunities. The driving range has ten tees and is newly built. Its services include access to changing rooms, showers and toilets. There are two golf carts for hire.

The club is also able to offer light refreshments.

The aim is for it to be easy to play golf, so there is a simple fee system with a fee for weekend play and a fee for playing during the week. You can also become a member of Kyrkoby Golf Club and buy a player’s pass that entitles you to play for free for the whole of the season. For more information go to Eckerö Golf’s website

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