Åland's Fire Brigade Museum

Address: Mörbyvägen 121 , 22240 Hammarland Show map

Address: Mörbyvägen 121 , 22240 Hammarland

Does you kid love Fire Brigade Cars? Or are you yourself excited? Here you can find 20 different extinguish vehicles and other extinguish equipment from Aland. The oldest fire brigade car is an A-Ford from 1926 and the newest is a Volvo from 1969.

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About this activity

  • Phone number
    +358 40 7332627
  • Contact person name
    Familjen Häger
  • Contact person email
  • Website
  • Opening hours
    1 June −15 August 2018 Tue−Sat at 12 noon − 4 pm
  • Price information
    Adults: 3,50 €, children 7−12 years: 2 €, children under 7 years: free entry. Paying only in cash, in euro.

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