Kungsö coast battery

Address: Kungsö, 22130 Gottby Show map

Address: Kungsö, 22130 Gottby

Kungsö coast battery was a Russian fortification that was built during the First World War. The fortification was demolished in 1919 and the ruins are now open to the public in such a way that any imaginative person can still hear the canons thunder and smell the gun smoke.

* Bike along road number 1 towards Gottby, turn left at the main road crossing in Gottby, turn left again towards “Båtviken” and follow the signs.

The old battery road is cobbled. The view along the road up to the watchtower is breathtaking. At the top there is information and signs. Around the fortification is a three kilometres long trail and at the very top there’s a tall lookout tower that offers a splendid view of the south west of Åland.

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