Nåtö Nature Trail

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Hazelnut groves, orchids, cows, rare species, archipelago
Experience the archipelagic heritage. The island of Nåtö offers meadows full of flowers, pastures, beautiful coastline, traditional farmsteads and cool, verdant groves of hazelnut trees. The Nåto trail is a must for nature lovers who want to learn more about the Islands’ plant and animal life and about how the rural heritage is maintained.
The Nåtö nature reserve is a wooded meadow. Wooded meadows were common in Åland until late in the 19th century, but changes in agriculture during the last 100 hundred years have led to the disappearance of most of these areas. Today, only a few of these luscious meadows are still maintained. Most are nature reserves. Wooded meadows are the most diverse type of habitat in Åland. Along the Nåtö nature trail you can learn about the plants that grow in these areas and about how the cultural landscape is maintained. Every year in July the meadows are mowed in the traditional manner. The hay and the foliage polled from the ancient ashes is used as fodder for the cattle.

Location: 6 km south of the centre of Mariehamn (G-H10)
Start: Nåtö Biological Station
Length: 2 km (1-1½ hours, can be shortened)
Signposts: Yes
Theme: Botany, maintenance of cultural landscape.
Grade: easy

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