Fishing license Eckerökortet

Адрес: Eckerö Дата: Пятница 10 авг 2018 - вторник 1 янв 2019 Показать на карте

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Адрес: Eckerö

Eckerö card is sold for 1, 3 or 7 Days.
It is one of Åland's largest contiguous fishing license area. Excellent for trout fishing but also for pike and perch.
Fishing license is personal and not transferable.

Rules and regulations for the fishing waters:
Following the Åland Government General rules for fishing.

Restrictions in the area. Are there protected areas of the field:
Yes, a total of nine protected areas

Restrictions on time. Which date are limitations:

Limitations of species, sizes .:
Following the Åland Government General rules for fishing.

Available boat ramp:

Is refueling place:

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Krokens stugor

Расстояние: 8,3 км
Krokens cottages are situated in a beautiful surrounding near the sea in Eckerö, Western Åland. All 6 cottages, with room for 4-6 persons, have a high standard of living and here you´ll find peace and quiet in the nature.

Eckerö Camping, motorhomes and caravans

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Motorhomes and caravans

Käringsund Resort & Conference

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Käringsund is a fantastic holiday village by the sea in Eckerö, on the westernmost tip of Åland. Here you may accommodate in bungalow cottages, exclusive villa houses or camping.