Archipelago homestead museum Hermas

Адрес: Enklinge , 22820 Kumlinge Показать на карте

Адрес: Enklinge , 22820 Kumlinge

The old archipelago homestead Hermas, dating back to the 1500´s, is situated in the centre of the village of Enklinge. The first known farmer of the homestead, was the “counting-man” Per Olson, who was mentioned in the tax roll of 1537. The farm was inhabited until 1973 when the last person residing at the homestead, Sven Karlsson, died.

The people of Hermas were fishing farmers, who kept cattle and farmed the land for their own needs, while the main income came from fishing.

On the farm there are manor house and a large number of outbuildings such as the joinery, storehouses, grainstore, stable, cowshed, windmill, smoke sauna and more.

The interiors of the buildings are well preserved and the farm contains a unique collection of old utility goods. Here´s everything from household items, hand tools and clothes to farm and fishing equipment.

In 1979 the Åland Government bought the old archipelago homestead in order to make it a museum.

10 June–11 August daily at 10 am−5 pm
On Midsummer's Eve the museum will close at 2 pm.

Other times by agreement. Please call tel. +358 40 556 5984.

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