Rocks, Stone Age, huts, ancient shores, wilderness
In the valley between Orrdalsklint and Långbergen you can learn about the lives of the first people to settle on the Islands. They were seal hunters who more than 5,000 years ago paddled ashore in a sheltered bay on what was then only a few rocky outcrops surrounded by a vast expanse of sea. The nearest mainland was much further away than today.
When you climb up Långbergen (about 100 m above sea level) you go another couple of thousand years back in time. Imagine the sound of giant waves crashing the against the rocks below: it is the end of the Ice Age. Swift currents wash away the rocks and gravel left by the receding glaciers, and mighty ridges ice chisel and grind the rock into new shapes.
At its beginning and end the trail coincides with the path that leads through the Stone Age Village. The 3.5 km of the trail that passes over Långbergen leads mainly across bare rock.

Location: 30 km north-east of Mariehamn (I5)
Start: Stone Age Village car park
Length: 5.5 km (2-3 hours)
Signposts: Yes
Theme: Stone Age, history of nature
Grade: medium

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