Segway 15 minutes

Дата: Четверг 1 июн 2017 - четверг 31 авг 2017

Do you want to try something new that everyone knows what is but few actually have tried and that is a guarantee for great fun? Then you should rent a Segway PT. Segway is a two-wheeled battery-powered vehicle with a range of over 35 km.

Drive it on our fenced track or take a trip in the area. If you lean forward, backward or sideways, the technology will detect it immediately and compensate movement to go in that direction just to the speed you want. Everyone can learn to drive a Segway and there is probably no other vehicle that you learn to drive faster than a Segway. A few minutes of instructions and you are ready to go.

Our campground hosts will give you a short or long introduction. When you feel safe, you can go on your own.

The most common question we get is: How does it work? The technology is quite complex but in simple terms, there are five electrostatic gyros that detect the terrain's inclination 100 times per second.

The technology of the Segway consists of intelligent sensors and a control system that keeps the balance and allows one to ride on two wheels. The maximum speed of a Segway is 20 km / hour.

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