Sibby fishinglicense

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Sibby fishinglicense

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Sibby fishinglicense


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Понедельник 20 авг 2018  
21 Авг
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Близлежащие гостиницы/жилье


The Hermit Cottage on Sviskär Island, Silverskär

Расстояние: 7 км
Sviskär is an island of 28 acres in the north of the Åland archipelago. Sviskär is a haven for those seeking tranquility and the simple life. Here you can take a break and just listen to the sounds of nature during a couple of days. The island is small enough to take a walk around it.There is no electricity on the island.

Stormskärs Värdshus

Расстояние: 10,2 км
Stormskärs Värdshus is on the island of Simskäla in the north end of Vårdö. You can get here conveniently by two cable ferries operating round the clock (for free).

Saltvik B&B

Расстояние: 8,1 км
Saltvik B&B is located in the old, tradition-filled Husmoderskolan in Åland. An excellent place to stay, especially for families with children and all others, wishing to relax in peace and quiet. You easily reach us by bike, motorcycle or car