Wandern in Åland Inseln - 33 Treffer

Bomarsund – Prästö

Gebiet: Die Hauptinsel Åland   Karte

Wandern, Wanderwege In 5 Worten: Russen, Moslems, Juden, åländische Weltgeschichte Auf Prästö begegnen Sie einigen Menschen, die zu der Zeit nach Åland kamen, als Bomarsunds Festung gebaut wurde...

Borgboda 2,5 km − Åland’s biggest fort hill and Ida’s cottage

Gebiet: Die Hauptinsel Åland   Karte

Wandern Borgboda is one of Åland’s most interesting prehistoric sites with archaeological remains from the Bronze Age until the early Middle Ages.About one thousand years ago Borge, the...

Byrundan 2 km – village trail in Finland’s smallest municipality

Gebiet: Die Aussenschären

Wandern The homesteads of the village are located in the same area as in the early Middle Ages. In those days the dwellings were built on the shore of the strait that passed through the...

Eckerö walk

Gebiet: Die Hauptinsel Åland   Karte

Wandern, Wanderwege Walk 1, Storby, 4 km Start at the Fish Smokinghouse on Gamla Käringsundsvägen, walk past the Hunting & Fishing Museum. Turn left towards the Viltsafari and follow the sign ...

Eckerö walk 2

Gebiet: Die Hauptinsel Åland   Karte

Wandern, Wanderwege Walk 2, Storby, 5 km Start at Käringsund Resort & Conference. Follow the road to the forest – wander along Farmvägen behind cottage villages and camp sites. At Eckerö Scho...

Godby Arboretum − foreign trees in åland’s nature

Gebiet: Die Hauptinsel Åland   Karte

Wandern, Wanderwege An arboretum can be briefly described as a collection of planted trees and shrubs of both native and foreign species. The purpose is to provide information about appearance, gro...

Godbyrundan 7,5 km – vast views and foreign trees

Gebiet: Die Hauptinsel Åland

Wandern ​​The trail around Godby offers prehistoric burial sites, splendid views and a number of rare tree species in an arboretum. The nature is diverse with barren rocky hills with dw...

Grottstigen 4,7 km – rock formations and dwarf pines

Gebiet: Die Hauptinsel Åland

Wandern The Grottstigen cave trail starts from Getabergen, one of Åland’s highest hills that rises almost 100 metres above the sea level. Here you can enjoy the scenic landscape of roll...

Hastersboda 4 km – seashores and magical coniferous forests

Gebiet: Die Aussenschären

Wandern The archipelago people derived their living from the sea and in harmony with nature. Information boards along the trail depict the life of the bygone days and focus on fishing, ...

Herröskatan 1,6 km − smooth bathing cliffs and sea eagles

Gebiet: Die Hauptinsel Åland   Karte

Wandern Herroskatan with rich flora exhibits many features of Åland biotypes including mown meadows, groves and seaside meadows. Here grow narrow-leaved helleborine, early purple orchid...

Höckböleholmen 1,8 km − the glory of snake’s heads

Gebiet: Die Hauptinsel Åland   Karte

Wandern Höckböleholmen is topographically diverse with high biodiversity. There are lush groves, dry meadows, seashore, wooded marsh and barren rocks. The traditional spring blossom of ...

Järsö 2 km – smooth rocks, sea views and wooded meadows

Gebiet: Die Hauptinsel Åland

Wandern The white trail starts and ends at the same place and goes around a rocky tip. The terrain is partly barren with low vegetation such as smaller pines, and some areas have more v...

Jåsholm 3 km – deciduous trees and bird life

Gebiet: Die Aussenschären

Wandern The trail runs in characteristic archipelago nature with barren rocks and smaller forest areas. Apart from pine trees there are several different deciduous trees such as birch, ...

Jurmo 3 km – archipelago spirit and swimming in the sea

Gebiet: Die Aussenschären

Wandern The trail runs through a characteristic archipelago environment with beautiful nature and living cultural landscape. The trail starts with a moderate uphill through a sparse pin...

Jyddö 5 km – sea fowl and butterflies

Gebiet: Die Aussenschären

Wandern The landscape is varied with open areas as well as hazel groves, mowed meadows and deciduous forests. The terrain is rolling and on higher rocky hills you get scenic views of bo...

Kalen 7 km – Bronze Age and war ruins

Gebiet: Die Aussenschären

Wandern ​Kalen offers magnificent archipelago nature and historical memories. The area was the part of Kökar that first rose from the sea after the Ice Age. Tellmossberget is one of the...

Kumlinge åttan 12,5 km – medieval church and archipelago nature

Gebiet: Die Aussenschären   Karte

Wandern The trail with the shape of number eight offers varied archipelago nature with smaller deciduous forest areas and mixed woodlands. The trail passes farmed fields and leads to mo...

Kungsö batteriberg 3−6 km − Russian costal battery with seaview

Gebiet: Die Hauptinsel Åland   Karte

Wandern On Kungsö battery hill there is a 2 km long paved Russian military road and a barracks area of a Russian coastal battery that was built on the top of Dalsberg hill in 1916–1918....

Långbergen 5,5 km − Wildnis und Steinzeit

Gebiet: Die Hauptinsel Åland   Karte

Wandern, Wanderwege Im Tal zwischen dem Orrdalsklint und dem Långbergen dürfen Sie die allerersten Åländer besuchen. Es waren Seehundjäger, die vor über 5000 Jahren mit ihren Einbäumen in einer ges...

Lappo 5 km – archipelago nature and a midsummer pole

Gebiet: Die Aussenschären

Wandern The trail presents the beautiful diversity of the archipelago nature. The vicinity of the sea is tangible, and there are magical woods with lingonberry and barren rocky hills wi...


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